Business Can Be Scary For Trainers, Freelancers & VAs. It Doesn't Have to be That Way For You

In fact, any freelancer can find it tough when supporting their clients.

You've got business, and the clients... But It's scary and overwhelming to stay legal, compliant and get paid (on time, every time).  Without the right business contracts everything you've ever worked for could be lost to scope creep, wrong interpretation or ignorance or some other unforeseen circumstance.

Your freelance business doesn't have to be this way.

GDPR: Use Compliance To Grow Your Business

Maybe you've heard a rumour about GDPR, or someone telling you that you need it but you don't know where to start... Either way, let KoffeeKlatch put your mind at rest around GDPR and your business. We won't add your details to any other list or share them. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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What Our Customers Say...

You're a star!

Annabel Kaye you are a star! Thank you for a brilliant teleseminar yesterday about Freelance Workers , thoroughly enjoyed the session and it really opened my eyes as to how important it is to have proper agreements in place from the get go. If anyone can make employment and contract law entertaining it's definitely you!

Cheryl Penry

Managing freelance workers

Thank you Annabel and Christopher for a very informative and easy to understand teleseminar on managing freelance workers. A must for anybody considering using the services of freelancers in their business.

Suzanne P

I echo what these ladies have said about contracts.

I’ve had clients who would only work with contracts and confidentiality agreements in place. I had basic contracts to start with, but upgraded to Annabel’s contracts last year and they are fab - well worth investing in.

Allison Christie

KoffeeKlatch Offers a Range of Business Contracts & Supports Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders and Businesses That Use Outsourcers

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