SVA100 Business Contracts & GDPR Support | Thank you – Trainer Business Basics including GDPR

Thank you – Trainer Business Basics including GDPR

Thank you for ordering your Trainer  Business Basics pack including the Data Protection for Trainers programme.

Please make a careful note of the email address you used to purchase these items, since admission to support groups, customer only offers and  upgrades (if you want them at a later stage) are all tied to your email address.

Your product links will be sent to that email address so please don't and look for them in another in box.

We will shortly start sending you the links to download the products you purchased.   They should come all together in one email.    Please make sure you are looking in the correct email inbox and don't forget to check your spam folder.

Sometimes your payment takes a while to clear, so this is not always an instant process.  It can take anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on how the processing goes.

You will also receive a series of onboarding emails that give you some basic tips on how to complete your agreements, how to get the signed and other frequently asked questions.

You can read the straight away or create a folder to store them when you get ready to issue your contracts and policies​

Your agreements are suported in our Customers only Facebook group.   The basic level purchase include's one year's support in the group.

The work and support on Trainer GDPR  Data Protection is taking place in a separate Facebook group (not all our cusotmers are Trainers or Speakers or want to take this programme - so we don't want to confuse them with something that is very specific to your business model.

Please join our Facebook Customers only Trainers Data Protection group and view the video pinned to the top (and then download the spreadsheet).   This will get you started.

Looking forward to seeing you.​

Please be patient

We put you into the group as rapidly as we can, but sometimes we are asleep or out at the shops and we are a bit slower.

email and let us know  if you have waited more than a day

Our office hours are 9.30 to 5.30 Monday to Friday. We are not always online outside these hours.  But we do our best to respond.

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