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Virtual Assistant Agreement brandable…read more

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Virtual Assistant Agreement (brandable) will help you build your business

You hired your first VA because you were too busy.  

But now you are on your way to having a team of VAs - all doing slightly different things.

It's easy to forget to cover the bases on things that come back to bite you later.

From hours, to tax and copyright there are lots of things you need to sort out and discuss.

The more VAs you pay the more important it is that you sort things out.   Some things will come back to haunt you later

You're busy - we get that

We created this Virtual Assistant Agreement just for you

You can get straight to the sweet spot and just add in the special bits that make this work.  Just drop in your branding and logos and off you go.

Not only will this help protect your business, but will help you create

  • Clarity about availability, what is to be done,and to what standard
  • Secure your client data and copyright
  • Avoid unexpected tax bills

Not a general freelance agreement you have to wade through with lots of things that have nothing to do with the modern VA role and ignore data sharing in the cloud and more.

A specific and brandable VA agreement for the way you work today

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You are probably keen on getting your VA team working

You might want to know we thought about where you want to be when the relationship ends.

You know you are going to want your own client lists, your own data, the rights in the work you paid your VA to produce and a lot more.

Don't find out the hard way you didn't contract for them and it is too late! 

Created by a legal and HR team

We use VAs all the time and have added our own experience of working with Virtual Assistants to more than 30 years of creating agreements and ways of working that help you grow your business without getting buried in compliance.​

Buy once use many times

If you need an additional Virtual Assistant or a replacement - don't worry.  You can re-use the same agreement again.

And if you love it so much you just want to share it with your friends or association or mastermind, ask about our affiliate scheme.

Virtual Assistant Agreement (brandable) options

Each VA contract has a version for:

  1. Ltd VA's who invoice you through their own company
  2. UnLtd VAs who invoice you in person.
  3. ​Both

Make sure you pick the right option at the check out

If you don't know whether your VA does have a company, check out our blog.

If you want a version you can edit you can upgrade easily and quickly.

For more information on what you get with each version check here .

Don't delay

It's so easy to put it off, but it only takes a few moments to sort this out.

Then you will have

  • a great way to on-board your new VA without compromising
  • - security
  • - work standards
  • - your brand

Just download the contract and go through it with your new VA.

You two can have a conversation about what you need and why.

If you are not sure what it all means, just wander over to our customers only Facebook group for a chat.

We know if you like to have it your own way, you need more support, so this option comes with an extra year’s support in our Facebook group.​  

For a full list of what you get with each option click here



1 review for Virtual Assistant Agreement brandable…read more

  1. Shelley Fishel

    I was about to hire a new VA and needed a contract to cover our agreement. The process was swift and efficient and I now have a contract that I can use again should I need to hire another VA. My new VA signed the contract and found that it covered everything

    Shelley Fishel – The IT Training Surgery

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