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Outsourced Business Basics – get ready to start your key team with this great starter pack

£180.00 plus VAT

Outsourced Business basic business bundle – ready to get started with contracts written for your key outsourced team plus full support on how to get your outsourced business team ready for GDPR (Data Protection) changes in time for May 2018.

Product Quantity

Virtual Assistant Agreement …read more

Choose this contract if your VA is in the UK


Bookkeeper Agreement …read more


Web Designer Agreement …read more

Choose this contract if your Web Designer is in the UK


Public Relations Agreement …read more

Choose this contract if your PR is in the UK


Policy Starter Pack – Add this to your agreement

The basic policies you need to keep your outsourced business compliant and growing.


Data Protection for your Outsourced Business - Get ready for GDPR

One year's membership of our GDPR Facebook group - supported by GDPR experts and other  business owners with businesses like yours.

You will join us and other business owners  to go through a supportive collaborative process that can work for you.

  • a simple structured audit of the data you hold
  • what is data anyway?
  • how to secure it
  • how to share it appropriately and securely
  • how to handle consent (when the final details are published)
  • what your responsibilities are as a business owner
  • how you handle your own data
  • where your data is located - do you know where your software keeps it?
  •  how you handle clients' data (and the clients!)
  • how to work with associates in a GDPR compliant way
  • how to work with your suppliers in a GDPR compliant way
  • and more as our group ask questions and move towards GDPR

We are not here to frighten you.  Our group works together to help you get ready for GDPR in a way that is appropriate to how you work today - online and off line



If you are growing your business without taking on staff you are going to need these key agreements to make sure the freelancers you pay are delivering what you need.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have peace of mind from the start rather than promising yourself you will do this one day and never getting around to it?

Make it easy for yourself.

Handle the legal, the ownership of your data, security, data protection, tax, copyright, protecting your client base and more.

This basic starter pack contains agreements for four key roles (with individual booking forms so you can change the arrangements to suit you) along with a set of basic policies to help you get things off to a good start AND a coaching/support programme to get your outsourced business ready for the GDPR Data Protection changes.

Buy once and use as many times as you need to within your own business.

Includes one year’s Facebook group support in our private customers only group.

If your freelancer is invoicing you via their company choose the ‘Ltd’ option.  If they don’t have a company choose the ‘Unltd’ option.



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