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How to create profitable ethical business relationships using clear terms of trade 30 Nov. 2016 8pm to 9pm Click here
Working with Virtual Assistants Best Practises On demand £35 Click here
Outsourcing to freelancers – the secret to success  On demand  £35 Click here
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Conversational style webinars

Our conversational style webinars are designed to get you planning the people side of your business so you have a flexible, profitable and resilient resource that doesn’t drive you crazy.

Outsourcing to freelancers is a key way growing businesses pay people – but it is not as simple as asking a friend who to use and then getting on with it (or even finding a cheap hourly rate site and getting all your work done that way).

With a bit of help and planning you can build a resilient and flexible business designed for the way you work today.

If you feel as if you keep pushing and pushing but somehow you are still doing way too much work – then now is the time to plan and create a people structure that works for you.

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About the Author Annabel Kaye

Creating flexibility that doesn't hurt. In these uncertain times we are going to need a lot of that. Employment law and HR specialist with a long standing passion for managing and contracting freelancers and handling tricky relationships at work. Consultant, professional speaker and advisor. Founded Irenicon in 1980 to find the workable space between employment law and relationships and founded KoffeeKlatch in 2009 to support freelancing, family working and the way we work today.

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