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Create a VA business on your terms

When you were a new VA you focussed on getting your first few clients and getting some money coming in.  You were 'boot strapping' it all - doing everything you could for free.  You had time, but not a lot of money.

Now your business is getting going and you need something need to work with your clients (and associates).

Designed for VAs with VAs

Created for the online way you work today by people who understand the 'gig' economy with all its advantages and hidden dangers.

What do you need to get your VA business on the right track?​

VA terms of business

Use with your clients

VA terms of business

  • No more writing off of extra time you can't charge for!
  • Increase profitability by establishing premium rates
  • Easy client onboarding and client sign off
  • Adaptable booking form will suit any VA way of charging you use
  • Expert legal support (via Facebook group) 
Free with VA terms of business
  • ​10 Things You Didn't Know about contracting with clients
  • This will improve the manageability of your business
  • Top tips on using contracts to create a profitable relationship
  • Plain English - no jargon

Just for you - included in the multi-buy offer at no extra cost

For your associates

For all your business relationships

Virtual Assistant Agreement

  • ​Stop worrying about losing your clients to your associates
  • Easy associate onboarding 
  • Choose Ltd or Unlimited (or both) depending on how your associate trades
  • Create project based variations when you need them
  • Expert legal support  (via Facebook group)

For all your contracts and agreements

  • ​Data Protection policy (with support as it all changes over 2017/2018)
  • Equality policy
  • H&S Policy
  • Social media policy (basic)
  • Social media policy (advanced)
  • Expert legal support  (via Facebook group)

How much is two hours a month of your time worth? 

The average UK based VA charges £25 an hour for her time.  

Even the average VA loses two hours a month - that adds up to a minimum of £600 a year!

Uncertainty and lack of clarity can cost you time money and reputation.

Which option is right for you?

Our basic contracts are £35 +VAT.  You buy them once and can use them as often as you like.

You can upgrade to brandable, fully editable with support, or chose a completely customised option.

You chose.​

Virtual Assistant Business Basics - multi-buy offer​

Buy one of each ​for £35+VAT or get all 3 plus a free copy of 10 Things You Didn't Know about Contracting with clients for £105+VAT   £80+VAT.   Use your VIP VA, SVA or Northern VA Collaboration discount code at the checkout and save even more money.

I've just sent the Booking Form and Terms for the first time to a new client for signing. They have been incredibly complimentary about it. It's clear, comprehensive and they know exactly where they stand.

Emily Dover 
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