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Do you have to put your freelancers into your pension scheme?

Freelance workers based in the UK have a lot of rights but did you know they have a right to join your workplace pension scheme and must be included in your auto-enrolment? It sounds a bit daft on the face of it, but here is how it goes for workers based in the UK: ​workers […]

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Are school holidays hurting your business?

I was chatting to a ‘mumpreneur’ recently and she was asking me about how to handle school holidays. Should I tell my customers I don’t answer the phone during school holidays? Click to Tweet Like so many women she was balancing building a business with taking care of her family.  She hadn’t been able to […]

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All change for Freelancers in the public sector – are you ready?

After April 6 the responsibility for deciding whether tax should be withheld when paying a contractor (IR35) is moving to the public sector organisation you are supplying your services to.Unless you provide your public sector client with information that satisfies them that tax is properly being paid on what they pay you – they will […]

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Do you give your VA your credit card details?

credit card scam

Giving your VA your personal credit card details can seem like a good idea – especially if you hired them to make your travel arrangements for you.You don’t want to wait until you are available to buy those hard to find flights​ ​What happens if you share your card details? Tucked away in the small […]

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Your contract jargon buster – are you working on a myth?

Does contract jargon make your head hurt? There are a lot of myths about contracts for your business.Some of them will cost you time and money. Real money!Contract jargon buster and myth checker Contracts must be written down – a verbal agreement can be just as enforceable – a handshake can be enough or an exchange of […]

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Do you need your VA terms for small projects?

Are you sometimes tempted to avoid issuing your VA terms for small projects?Is it easier not to bother for small pieces of work?​Let’s ignore compliance for a moment ​The Provision of Service​s Regulations 2009  requires all service providers to provide specific information in writing. This is not just for Virtual Assistants!  And it says nothing […]

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Are your VA terms legal?

Did you know almost 40% of Virtual Assistants have no written terms of business?You must provide written terms ​The Provision of Service​s Regulations 2009  requires all service providers to provide specific information in writing. This is not just for Virtual Assistants!We offered a group of VAs a free review of their terms and found that: […]

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Is your Virtual Assistant breaking the law on bookkeeping?

For busy business owners, giving your bookkeeping and financial admin to a VA is a no brainer. It makes a lot of sense to get rid of all that and to focus on what you do best.Before you relax and heave a sigh of relief  – here’s something you (and your VA) need to know ​ […]

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Would you save time and money if you got a bookkeeper and cloud accounting?

Are you keeping  your receipts in a bag  for your bookkeeper?Do you write on them carefully so they can be allocated to the right budget?Do you send them by recorded delivery so they don’t get lost? What a pallaverMost of us don’t like admin and if books are not your thing the last thing you […]

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Do you want to create a business on your terms?

I was talking to someone yesterday about the effect the Uber decision is going to have on  his business.   He come up with an interesting response: “If my service providers are really in business for themselves – isn’t it up to them to provide terms of trade?”   Click to Tweet Control v ClarityHe […]

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