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As you grow your business you will find you need to start paying people.   You will probably start with freelancers before moving on to employees.

Your freelancer may be there to help you with admin, or overload, or to supply technical skills you don't have.

KoffeeKlatch services and contracts are there to support you with this and help you grow your business without unwanted surprises.

Let's start with a your free Guide to Profitable and Ethical Outsourcing.

What are KoffeeKlatch agreements for? 

Use KoffeeKlatch agreements to help you set up ways of working that are secure and appropriate and reduce the risk of unexpected tax bills or disputes over who owns what.

Buy once, but use as often as you like within your business.  You will also get support on how to complete and use them via our customers only facebook group.

The people you are most likely to pay 

For more information on each agreement click the picture or the agreement name.   

Buy individually, or buy all 5.

£175+VAT​   £135+VAT 

£124+VAT after using the AWAD discount code at the check out.

£35+VAT each before your AWAD 8% discount code is applied.

PR/social media

If you paying a freelance PR person or social media person you will need to make sure your social media accounts are appropriately handled and you retain ownership and control.

Web Designer

Stay in control of your website, your domain names, software and content.

Use this agreement if you are paying a freelance web designer​

Virtual Assistant

Your VA can have access to all sorts of data about your business.   

Make sure you set up secure systems and don't get in a muddle about tax


If you have paying someone to keep your books, you need to secure your data - and own your licenses if it is being done in the cloud.

Policy Starter Pack

5 basic people policies to use with freelancers or employees.  

Keep yourself on top of data protection, health and safety, equality, social media basic and advanced

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